August 2013 Spending Recap

August-2013-recap-tableAugust is showing a better restraint compared to previous months, as I’m edging towards my preferred spending cap of RM2,500 per month.

My excess spending are nothing to shout for; they are generally caused by the lack of better planning and time, like eating out and taking highways instead of avoiding tolls. I bought a lot more pet food and litter than usual because I have a few more rescue cats at home, and planning is underway to address the addition in my household members.


I try to budget for recurring spending, and as there are times when my spending is one-off, I am not showcasing them in my spending recap because it will not reflect my actual spending patterns. Nevertheless, they will be mentioned under “things not budgeted for”, and they will be consequently reviewed at year-end.

Things not budgeted for:

Pets – RM623.00: Boarding bills during the week-long Hari Raya holiday and additional costs of set-up for bringing home another two family of cats.

Gifts – RM380.00: Duit Raya (an equivalent of ang pao for Chinese New Year) for my parents, younger brother and nieces.

Household – RM199.00: A steam mop cleaner – I finally gave in after more than 6 months of continuously working on all four; sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, to clean up after my cats.

Books – RM189.50: I cleared my wish lists from Book Depository. It’s not included in my monthly budget but it will be accounted in my annual expenses.

Personal Care – RM244.15: I topped up my skincare regiments. Similarly as books, it’s accounted in my annual expenses instead of monthly because it’s done every 4-6 months.