Q2 2013: Net Worth & Spending Update

When I reviewed my spending for the first quarter of 2013, I was concerned about balancing my spending for the things I care about i.e. family, friends and pets.

I set a single goal of having RM15,000 in savings on top of my retirement fund in 2013. In order to do so, I resolved to be conscientious with my spending.

These periodical reviews are not only useful to see if I’m on track on my savings goal, but for me to be continuously on top of my spending patterns.

Am I spending too much? Can I still afford to have fun once in a while? Should I save more?



HOUSE – I upgraded my lease as the sole renter of existing apartment, paying $950.00/month (from $650.00/month).
GROCERIES – Two-fold increase in groceries expenses in Q1 because I was attempting to bring lunch to work. It’s cheaper to eat out in my case.
CAR SERVICE – I replaced the tie rod for my car wheels after 4-5 years.
TAX – I owed the inland revenue board for income tax the first time -$269.58.
PETS – Spending for pets increased in Q2 due to vet bills for vaccinations and spaying.
MISCELLANEOUS – I have learned to be smart when spending for families and friends.



My savings received a healthy boost with the annual bonus I received in June. This gives me a healthy savings rates since I have no major purchase planned for the bonus apart from vet bills and a few small deferred spending. Until June 2013, I saved:

$8,237.92 in retirement fund.
$1,500.00 in a local equity fund.
$8,238.95 in online savings account with 2.1% interest for emergency and travel purposes.

Net Worth


Moving forward, while I know my income and net worth will not drastically increase as it did in June, I am optimistic about keeping the momentum to meet not only the $15,000 savings goal, but also to go above and beyond my other financial goals like increasing my investment.